100 Days

I recently finished a 100 Day project where I made a collage every day for a hundred days. I used papers I found on the street or had in my house for materials and each one was roughly 4x6 inches.

From Top:

- Luz
- Batman
- Great Value
- Without Many Bones
- Dual Membership
- Jordan
- Statement
- Queen
- 563
- Green Green Green
- Art 65
- Lecture
- Ginger Ale
- Quote From
- Wednesday Thursday Friday
- Memorial Day
- Poison Control
- Resources

On the Street: Chelsea, MA.

I've been taking photographs in the city of Chelsea for many years and as the project has progressed it's taken a few turns and gotten more complicated. Initially I photographed exclusively in medium format black and white film, but the project has expanded to include some color film and digital images as well. Last spring walking with my dog in the mornings I began seeing interesting discarded or dropped objects on the street. Some things, like broken pieces of toys or baby pacifiers I picked up, but most were things I didn't want to bring home. 

They still intrigued me however, so I decided I would photograph them with my iphone. I had no idea what to do with them or if they were any good, I just took pictures of these things and figured it would (hopefully) make some kind of visual sense eventually. Many hundreds of photos later it feels as though I've created a visual record of our contemporary culture. Almost like an archive of discarded artifacts; the archaeology of abandoned things.

These are a few of the photographs.